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Who’s Got The Beef?

During the height of Covid, some states decided to reevaluate the need for many regulations and laws.  Wyoming was one of those states.

Wyoming’s groundbreaking Food Freedom Act has served as a national model for how states can deregulate many in-state food sales. The five-year-old law opened up many previously illegal food transactions in Wyoming, and has delivered on its promise to benefit ranchers, other food entrepreneurs, and consumers alike. And it’s done so without a single case of foodborne illness being tied to any foods sold under the law.   An amendment to the Act will allow low-risk foods such as homemade jams to be sold in grocery stores and sold and consumed in restaurants.

Now there is a new amendment, to allow consumers to buy individual cuts of meat directly from ranchers through an animal-share agreement, completely outside of the typical U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection regime. That’s something that’s still illegal in the other 49 states. It’s also why the Wyoming law could be a game changer for ranchers in the state and—should other states follow suit—a valuable new revenue stream for farmers and ranchers across the country.  This will allow the rancher to bypass the Federal Meat Inspection Act and can utilize the smaller mom and pop butchers that still exist in most of our small towns.

Imagine the irony of deregulating a law designed to promote health, during a health crisis.  Many individuals and their businesses will benefit with the ability to receive fresh food, from a local source, at a lower price from a small business, than even the big grocery stores.  Sometimes creating law creates order, and sometimes it simply creates obstacles to order.  It is important that when we work in the law we use logic to recognize what makes since to those we represent.  As attorneys at Goldfinch Winslow Law Firm, it is not just our job to represent what the law says, but also to challenge law and actions that contradict our rights and constitutional liberties.

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