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We Are Here: Columbia, South Carolina

Over the past year, a lot has changed. Yet, in some ways in the legal world, nothing has changed. While we may be spending more time at home or avoiding large public places legal issues still arise. For example, I was just speaking with a realtor the other day about clients needing Power of Attorneys to help with the home buying process due to COVID. Police Officers have not stopped giving speeding tickets or making arrests either. That is why we are continuously brainstorming and developing new ways to best serve our clients and the community.

After a lot of prayer, preparation, and planning, we have decided to expand our practice to the Capitol of South Carolina. We are located in downtown Columbia at 1328 Richland Street, Columbia, SC 29201. Just like our other locations, we will be equipped to handle all your legal needs including Criminal Defense, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Business Representation, and more. If we cannot help you, we will help to find you someone who can!

Our Columbia office will be headed up by two of our outstanding attorneys, Allie D. Argoe and Casey M. Brown. Allie and Casey are both originally from the Columbia area and are looking forward to returning to the Midlands and serving the community they grew up loving! Allie has been with the firm for two years handling. She handles cases ranging from civil litigation, personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, criminal charges, and family law. Casey recently joined the firm in January and oversees our Criminal Defense Division and trial litigation, dealing with all types of charges, ranging from minor traffic tickets to major crimes such as murder and drug trafficking.

Our goal is to always keep our client’s needs first and we look forward to continuing to serve you throughout the state of South Carolina. Thank you for all your support and prayers during this exciting time for our team!

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