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Tips We Learned About Working At Home

Hopefully we will not have to be on lock down again, but if we do then we need to be ready.  The team at Goldfinch Winslow, if prepared to work from home, the office, or any where we may need to.  It is our job to take care of the team, so that they can take care of you.  However, the equipment is only one part of the equation.  Below, our very smart and experienced law clerk Aubree Brunko details her thoughts on working from home, in case the need should arise in this new world of ours.

Facing the reality of working from home with kids and not knowing when this is going to change is the new normal for many parents. I cannot imagine being in the healthcare profession, being a first responder or having to keep the grocery stores stocked along with so many other workers that are essential to keeping order. In addition, I cannot imagine being without a job. Most of these things are not in my control but what is in my control is setting my life up to work from home with three kids under the age of six.If you are fortunate enough to have a job, and if your employer is allowing you to work from home, then I am sure you are grateful, just as grateful for your job as you are for all the humans working the front lines. We can all do our part and pay it forward in some way and so today, I am sharing a few tips with you about how to keep your sanity while working from home with kids.

1. First and foremost, communicating with your employer is essential. Let them know what is going on with your world and what they can expect. Most employers are going to be understanding and work with you in a way that allows for flexibility. Create a plan and sit down with your boss to discuss this plan, ask them for feedback and let them know what you need to get through this time.

2. Find the times in your day when you can be the most productive. For me, my most productive time is before my kids wake up. I can sit down and do my priority work before they start their day. For some people their most productive time may be after their kids go to bed, or during naptime. The important thing is to find yours.

3. Prioritize! I cannot say this enough; if you prioritize your work then you can take advantage of number two. That way when your little one starts interrupting you for the millionth time during the day, you know you have already taken care of the most important tasks on your agenda or set aside a time to tackle them without interruptions.

4. Set a schedule with the kids. Your probably not going to be able to follow it every single day, but at least it gives you an idea of where the day is going. Keep it simple, especially with little ones. It could be Breakfast, Homework, Free Play, Lunch, Walk outside, Rest/Nap time, and Tablets for learning or Art. Whatever your day consist of, try to keep it the same during the work week. Kids thrive on schedules and so do we. Once you are on a schedule you can let them get their work done, while you are completing your own work.

5. Explain to your clients, customers, colleagues, business partners, etc., anyone you are communicating with via phone, Zoom or other media, that you are working from home and to please excuse any background noise. I am finding every single person I have spoken to has been understanding about this. It also allows for human connection; remember we are all in this together.

6. Take breaks. By taking the time to give my kids my undivided attention for a short period, I can get back to my work faster. Kids crave attention, especially when their lives have been uprooted, too.Sometimes all it takes is taking a few minutes to let them know they are important in the midst of your workday.

7. Take advantage of any outside support, whether that’s hiring the high school student next door to play with them outside for an hour or asking your spouse to make schedule changes so you both can get your work done. If you are able to make a set schedule with your significant other, then you both know what to expect during the week.

It is not a perfect system but I do not think anyone is expecting perfection right now. The whole world is feeling the ramifications of this virus so continue to do your personal best. Most importantly there should be no guilt right now. We are all facing uncharted territory and you have to do the best you can to support both your work family and your home family.Remember, you are already doing a great job parents, keep up the good work! Should you need any help in understanding this new world, please call us at GOLDFINCH WINSLOW LAW FIRM.

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