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Those With Increased Responsibility Have A Decrease In Individual Rights

Recently, in Columbia, SC, a former South Carolina county’s councilwoman, accused of paying for vacations and shopping sprees with taxpayers’ money, has been temporarily barred from practicing law.

The South Carolina Supreme Court, in an order posted Tuesday, suspended ex-Richland County Councilwoman Dalhi Myers’ law license following her indictment on Dec. 17 on 24 charges, including embezzlement, news outlets reported. She is listed as being “Not in good standing” and under “interim suspension” without a specified length of time, the order said.

She is barred from working as an attorney “until further order of this court,” wrote Chief Justice Don Beatty, who appointed another attorney to take over her clients’ cases.

The state grand jury indicted Myers on charges that included embezzlement and using her position for personal gain, news outlets reported. The 24-page indictment details $27,000 in public funds that prosecutors said Myers spent on herself since March 2018.
Myers used her county issued credit card to take a trip to Greece, travel to Detroit, pay for family to go to Illinois and stay in a resort hotel in Nashville, according to an indictment. She also spent taxpayer money on everyday expenses like her phone bill, phone repairs and items at department stores.

Asked in June to reimburse the county, she wrote a $27,000 check that bounced and later denied fault and blamed county officials for not better monitoring her card, a state attorney said. She knew the money wasn’t in her account, according to state prosecutors.  The South Carolina Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting the corruption case against Myers, who was elected to Richland County Council District 10 in 2016.

Meanwhile, in Columbia, SC on February 17, 2021 the appointed special prosecutor hands over the South Carolina State House corruption probe to the Attorney General.  Meanwhile,  the Ohio House Speaker Arrested In A Bribery Probe.

Meanwhile, Longtime Illinois House Speaker Steps Down Amid Corruption Probe on January 23, 2021.


Shall I go on?

Even worse is that these are all from February 2021 according to the FBI website.  I bring this up for this simple reason, leaders must live by higher standards than those they serve. This is exactly opposite of most people’s thoughts concerning leadership. In a world of perks and privileges that accompany the climb to success, little thought is given to the responsibilities of the upward journey. Leaders can give up anything except responsibility, for those they serve, for themselves or their organizations. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., said, “I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty.”

Too many people are ready to assert their rights, but not to assume their responsibilities. Richard L. Evans, in his book An Open Road, said, “It is priceless to find a person who will take responsibility . . . to know when someone has accepted an assignment that it will be effectively, conscientiously completed. But when half-finished assignments keep coming back-to check on, to verify, to edit, to interrupt thought, and to take repeated attention-obviously someone has failed to follow the doctrine of completed work.”

When you need an attorney find a servant that has not forgotten that they serve God and then you.  An attorney is a professional that needs to understand your needs and give you the time and opinion you need to be placed in the best position possible.  Sometimes, that is making you whole and sometimes that is just reducing the pain you may experience.   A professional that is too afraid to be honest with you is simply looking out for their interest – not serving your best interest.  Goldfinch Winslow works to serve you as your Attorney and Counselor at law.

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