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The Law that made the Fourth and the Laws That Can Ruin Your Fourth of July

Our forefathers combined to bless each of us with the Country we currently now have. Not everyone has the same skills, assets, or heritage, however everyone does have the same opportunity.  That is the beauty of the United States of America, that simply by being inside the borders of our country you as a citizen have more opportunities than 99% of the rest of the worlds population if you work hard and pursue them passionately.

As a matter of fact:

1. If you make more than $10,000.00 a year, you are wealthier than 84% of the World’s population;
2. If you make more than $50,000.00 a year, you are wealthier than 99% of the World’s population;
3. One/Third of the World’s population lives on $2.00 a day – that is your cup of coffee; and
4. By waking up, having a computer, access to the internet, and the right to read the content of this blog uncensored you are better than 99% of the World’s population in health, wealth, and freedom.

That might explain why we have so many people are clamoring to enter the Country. Although there are threats made by people to leave the Country, should the opposite political party win an election, very rarely do they leave and those that do leave, often return.

The Fourth of July combines some of the best things known to mankind and the best parts of being an American — all in one special day.

Be blessed to know that you get to celebrate the 4th at least one more year.  It is a gift from our forefathers who understood how to run a Company (country) that best served it’s customers (citizens).  Let’s hope that our current politicians use the day to reflect that they are representatives of both us as clients, but also the vision of the Country (our Declaration and Constitution).

Unfortunately, federal, state and city governments can forget their role and get in the way of us making the most out of Independence Day. Here are 19 laws you need to know about before you go from celebrating the First Amendment to pleading the Fifth


1. Statewide: It is illegal to keep an ice cream cone in your back pocket. If your hands are already carrying hot dogs, burgers, popcorn or all of our constitutional rights, you’ll have to hold off on dessert.

2. Mobile: You cannot possess confetti. Don’t try to create your own flame-free fireworks show with that.


3. Statewide: You cannot dare a child to purchase beer. The dare probably wouldn’t have worked anyway, so don’t even bother.

4. Bell BuckleThrowing bottles at trees is strictly prohibited. Freedom of expression doesn’t extend to littering, so protect this beautiful country and recycle your containers.


5. Statewide: You cannot possess beer in quantities larger than two liters unless you’re a retailer. That means you can only do keg stands illuminated by fireworks in 49 states.

North Carolina

6. Statewide: If you’re holding any illegal substances, you can actually be taxed for them. Freedom is intoxicating enough.


7. StatewideCursing in public is punishable by a $100 fine. Don’t you dare take George Washington’s name in vain, either.

Rhode Island

8. Scituate: It’s illegal to take alcoholic beverages onto town-owned property without permission from the town council.


9. Statewide: It’s illegal to destroy any casks or barrels of drinks. If you’re going to start a new temperance movement on the Fourth, don’t do it here.

10. Walla Walla: If you’re celebrating in a public park, don’t poison or drug any birds while you’re there. It’s illegal, and honestly, pretty messed up.


11. Boulder: You’re not allowed to keep a couch on your porch, so if you were planning to lounge while watching fireworks from home, you’re going to have to get creative.


12. Portland: It’s illegal to drive through a traffic thoroughfare more than twice at night here, so if you’re scouting out great places to catch a fireworks or fun late-night celebrations, be efficient and decisive.


13. and 14. Galveston: If you’re celebrating in Galveston, you better keep yourself together. You can get fined for both making obscene gestures at special events and sitting on a sidewalk. Be an upright citizen, both figuratively and literally.


15. Statewide: (Extra freedom bonus) There is an actual law protecting you from being arrested on the Fourth of July, as long as it’s not in the case of treason, a felony or breach of the peace.


16. Reno: Don’t lie down on the sidewalk in Reno, or you’ll get in trouble. At least you can sit down, though, unlike in Galveston.


17. Norco: Sadly, you’re not even allowed to have fireworks in this town, let alone set them off.


18. Bartlesville: Baseball may be America’s pastime, but it’s strictly prohibited from being played in this city’s streets.


19. Racine: Here, it’s illegal to throw things at people in parades. Racine hosts the Midwest’s largest Fourth of July parade, according to the state’s tourism website.

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