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Thank You To Those Who Serve

Twenty years ago, on September 11, 2001 our entire nation stood in unity and stated “We will never forget.”  Yet we did.  Last summer and still on going to this day citizens of this Country yell, “de-fund the police.”  Meanwhile, the police protect that freedom of speech and peaceful right to protest.   Let us not forget that it is these same first responders that serve everyday to defend our rights, our property and our lives.

Just last week, a South Carolina Highway Patrol Officer and first responders from Midway Fire Rescue in Pawleys Island jumped into action and performed heroic acts on Sunday when a man and his dog almost drowned in a pond.  L/Cpl. Adam J. Marshall was on duty when he heard a call go out on the police radio from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office about a car that ran off the road and into a pond in Pawleys Island and was submerged, according to the South Carolina Dept. of Public Safety.

Officials said once Marshall arrived at the scene he jumped into the pond and began trying to free the driver and his dog by breaking the back window, which was the only part of the vehicle not completely underwater, but was not able to locate the driver and could not free him through the driver’s side door.

Midway Fire Rescue arrived on the scene and jumped into the water to help when they arrived and was able to assist Marshall in feeding the driver through the passenger door, officials added. Midway Fire and EMS treated the man on shore and then transported him to the hospital for further treatment.

Our first responders in our Community, just like those in New York City twenty years ago run to danger when others run from it.  Much like our military service members who defend our rights and our nation.  Let us not forget the Afghanistan 13 who died August 26, 2021, let us not forget those that died September 11, 2001, and let us not forget that it is the military, the police, the firefighters, the EMS, and the countless others who protect our thin line of freedom, life, and ability to have this Labor Day Weekend.

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