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South Carolina State Guard

As, you may know I serve as a Major in the South Carolina State Guard and lead the 3rd Battalion JAG Corp (Coastal SC). First, I welcome you to join the Guard at any age or ability, as we are all volunteers who band together to serve the state of SC. Further, we would like to invite you/team to come out to play in the SC State Guard’s 1st Annual Golf Tournament on October 12, 2020 at the Country Club of Lexington. We will be celebrating 350 years of dedicated service to the great state of South Carolina.

There will be fantastic prizes and raffles which includes a new Forceman Chevy Tactical Truck for the “hole in one,” sponsored by Herndon Chevrolet, Hendricks Motorsports and the Patriots Foundation. It is $125 for an individual and $500 for a team before October 1st. Late entries, after October 1st, will be $150 for an individual and $600 for a team. You can register online at So please come out and support this fundraising event!!

The SC State Guard is an all-volunteer organization that is part of the SC Military Department. It assists the SC National Guard as well as state and local agencies in times of natural and manmade disaster. While the State Guard provides a wide range of support (cyberwarfare, medical, legal, law enforcement, logistic, engineering, drones, etc.), this Golf Tourney is designed to seek charitable donations to pay for additional training and equipment for the Guard’s Search & Rescue (SAR) capability. For more information about the SC State Guard, you can find us online at and feel free to call 678-558-8223 for more information.


The South Carolina State Guard has provided protection to South Carolina since 1670 when the Colony’s first military organization, the Charleston Militia, was formed. From its earliest days protecting the residents from pirates, foreign invaders, and Native American raids, this militia was the earliest manifestation of the SC State Guard.

In January of 1775 the South Carolina First Provincial Congress convened in Charleston. The Congress appointed a Committee of Safety whose responsibility included command of the province’s military, and decreed that all inhabitants of the colony should “be diligently attentive in learning the use of arms; and that their officers be requested to train and exercise them at least once a fortnight.” In short order, militia units were organized all over the colony.

Leaders such as Francis “The Swamp Fox” Marion, Thomas Sumter, Andrew Pickens, and organizers of several artillery and naval components, fought scores of engagements against the British during the American Revolution. The SC Militia was also instrumental in taking Florida from Spain in the early 1800s, and individual members fought in the War of 1812 and the Mexican War (1846-48).

Currently, When serious natural or man-made disasters strike the State of South Carolina, the mission of the State Guard is to quickly respond to protect people and property and to help communities recover. Acting in coordination with the National Guard, law enforcement, and other state, county and municipal agencies during times of emergency, the State Guard is part of the South Carolina Military Department under the direction of the Adjutant General. Its Commander in Chief is the Governor of the State of South Carolina.

So, come out and support this event! It will be helping those who support their communities when they are needed the most.

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