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South Carolina Man Cites A New Halloween Related Criminal Defense

As the stores clear out their shelves of the Halloween candy and bring in the candy canes, I could not resist introducing you to a new criminal defense.  I am calling it the Halloween Defense. Yes, Goldfinch Winslow does criminal law and DUI defense, but I personally can not vouch for the success of this defense yet.

I simply quote the story:

A South Carolina man, arrested for stabbing a woman, says he feared “she would feed him to zombies.”
The Aiken Standard reports 29-year-old William Berry of Aiken was arrested Saturday in Monetta after a woman was stabbed multiple times in the back.

Sheriff’s deputies later found Berry walking along a highway and arrested him. Under questioning, Berry told deputies he “poked someone” because she was trying to feed him to zombies and being mean to him.
The woman who was with him, an acquaintance of Berry’s, was taken to a hospital with five or six stab wounds.
Berry is charged with attempted murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. No bail has been set and Berry remains jailed Monday in Aiken County. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer.

Just to point out a few things:

1.  He poked someone?   Last time I checked stabbing someone 5 or 6 times did not count for a poke.

2. He “poked” her because, she was being mean to him.  Seriously, what is happening to people – she was being mean.  Wait until you get into jail and the other inmates learn you thought zombies were going to eat you.  You talk about wanting to know what “being mean” really is.

3. The story then says, the woman who was with him.  He stabs you 5 or 6 times and the police find you actually still with him walking down the highway.  Sad truth is that in abuse situation this is very common.  Abuser’s assert control on their victims.  It is a sad truth, but many victims of abuse are more afraid to leave than they are to stay.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can think of many defenses for these folks but the Zombie defense is not one of them.  Mental Health, Drugs, and Alcohol are serious issues that lead to many of the crimes in our community.  If someone has a problem please get them help.  However, if someone is truly trying to feed you to zombies, please find a lawyer that knows about the Halloween Defense.

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