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Estate Planning & Litigation

The attorneys at Winslow Law, LLC understand that estate planning is more than just drafting documents. Ideal estate planning should be customized to the specific needs of the individual. Estate planning is about decreasing tax burdens on loved ones, and ensuring the client’s wishes are considered. While the process can be complex, our experienced lawyers can help organize the details necessary for proper planning. We work with you so that you understand your options and so that you can decide what plan is best for you. The lawyers of Winslow Law, LLC handle all aspects of estate planning, including drafting wills and trusts, planning to minimize the estate tax, and trust and estate administration. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in inheritance, estate, gift, and fiduciary income tax concerns and administration. The laws change often and can be complex with technical tax rules. This has made estate planning and administration a difficult area for most individuals to maneuver through. Our firm can assist with the many tax issues relating to trust and estate administration — as well as business and property appraisals, discounts, credits, and tax allocations. For more information about our law practice, or to discuss your legal concerns with an attorney who understands estate planning, contact our offices today.

Estate Planning is a critical part of your financial plan, particularly as you enter middle age.  If you don’t take the time to plan what happens to your estate, you might be leaving the decisions to others.  That’s why the attorneys at Winslow Law, LLC provide guidance as well as legal work.  Our lawyers are well versed in drafting wills and trusts, estate tax issues, gift and income tax concerns, and many more crucial aspects of Estate Planning. Our attorneys are also knowledgeable in inheritance, fiduciary income tax concerns and administration.  But we don’t stop there.  Winslow Law attorneys also can provide aid in trust and estate administration, as well as business and property appraisals, discounts, credit and tax allocations.  For more details on these and other legal concerns, contact us today.  Remember, Committed Counsel for our Clients and Community.  Winslow Law!

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