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South Carolina Car Accidents

Everyone is familiar with a car wreck, but most are not familiar with the pain, expense, time and effort required to be compensated for a serious accident.  A typical Emergency Room visit can cost you over $10,000.00, not to mention that time needed to take off from work and the expense of repairing your vehicle.  A broken bone or surgery will usually result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills, pain, suffering, lost wages, the need for care takers, physical therapy and more.  Not only will a serious car accident put you out of work for a long time, but it will inconvenience your friends, family and neighbors.  Most people will rely on their spouses or children to provide their at-home care.  These intangibles are almost never accounted for and should be a consideration of all car wreck litigation.  Almost any attorney can handle a car wreck, but choose wisely and choose experience when you’re facing the consequences of a serious accident.

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