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Civil Litigation

The civil litigation attorneys at Winslow Law, LLC are dedicated to fighting when alternative resources are not available prior to entering the courtroom. Whenever feasible, our lawyers encourage the adversarial parties to initially avoid litigation and entertain alternative methods for resolving their disputes such as mediation, negotiation, or an agreeable settlement.

Our trial attorneys recognize the expense and resources involved in moving a civil dispute into the courtroom. Each case is carefully deliberated on whether litigation is the best advised method of resolving the dispute. Once the decision has been made to litigate; our attorneys will quickly, and aggressively, apply themselves to advocate for the best results for the client in the courtroom.

Cases involving business matters, banking liability, contract disputes, shareholder disputes, lender liability, insurance defense, personal injury, construction issues, labor disputes, discrimination claims, product liability, non-compete agreements, governmental immunity, trademarks, and copyright infringement can be professionally handled by our law firm. Each of our attorneys has the talent and experience to represent and counsel our clients. The depth of skill our firm has in various practice areas is an invaluable tool when litigation matters involve several definitive areas of law.

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