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Appeals – Right the Wrongs of Your Trial

If your trial did not provide you with your desired result, you have the right to appeal your case and may be able get your conviction or judgment reversed or remanded back to trial court for another try.   South Carolina and U.S. law provide an appeals process for individuals to challenge the validity of the verdict and/or sentence when the conviction occurred in part due to procedural errors that occurred during the trial.

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There are several levels to the appellate process, often providing several opportunities to challenge your case. However, appeals are not tried like the original case and appellate courts demand precise and articulate arguments backed by solid legal research and precedence. Appellate briefs (the documents filed to make an appeal) may be lengthy and are time consuming to prepare. Before filing an appeal, your attorney must analyze your case to determine which issues have merit on appeal and are likely to result in a decision in your favor.  After submitting the brief Oral Arguments may occur in front of a panel of Judges (or Justices).  This process may occur at the Appelette level, SC Supreme Court Level, and/or possibly the US Supreme Court Level.

Winslow Law, LLC has years of experience preparing, filing and arguing appellate cases. We understands how appellate court judges make their decisions and are committed to doing the research and preparation required to make the best presentation of your appeal possible. Winslow Law, LLC is also extremely comfortable and talented in making oral arguments before the appellate judges if they require them to be done.

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