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Northwestern Ports – Labor Slow-Down Can Sink U.S. Economy

Since June 30th, 2014, over 13,000 International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) members employed by the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) have been at work without a signed labor contract. Using a dispute tactic called “work to rule”, the union workers follow the rule book (as they should) but to the extreme. This means that the port and dock workers work individually […]

The Nicaragua Canal: Little-Known. Largely Important.

Many have heard of the Panama Canal, but did you know that Nicaragua is planning to open a competing canal? Chinese investors have put forth a $50 billion budget into cutting a 172 mile waterway through Nicaragua to compete with the “American Panama Canal.” Meanwhile, the Suez Canal, which meanders through Egypt connecting to the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, […]

With The New Year Comes New Laws

Happy New Year! As many of you know, the legislative branch of our government creates the laws of this country and of this state. An interesting fact that most don’t know is that in South Carolina, the Legislature has an expansive role with a preeminent position in the South Carolina Constitution as the “dominant” branch of government. With that being […]

Searching for ‘Divorce’ After Christmas? You’re Not Alone

Family issues often come to a head around the holidays, and Christmas may have you mulling over the possibility of divorce. And you’re not alone. According to The New York Times, there is a “significant rise” in Google searches for “divorce” in the 10 days following Christmas.Times opinion contributor Seth Stephens-Davidowitz attributes this to holiday reflection on dysfunctional facets of […]

Legal How-To: Deciding Which Estate Planning Tool(s) to Use

Estate planning is complicated by the fact that every person (1) is mortal and (2) has his or her own arrangement of property, relationships, and assets. And until this whole ephemeral nature of the human condition problem is solved, it’s a bit easier to focus on the latter complication — sizing up your own situation and deciding which legal instruments […]

Are You Liable For Workers Who Are Injured on Your Property?

There are a number of kinds of service professionals you can invite on to your property to do work: landscapers, roofers, exterminators, etc. But what happens when those workers are injured on your property? Property owners do have certain responsibilities towards those who are allowed on their land, but this does not give workers freedom to be negligent or reckless. […]

Legal How-To: Build a Fence Around Your Property

A fence around your property can serve a range of purposes: marking your property line, keeping trespassers out, and/or providing privacy for your family. However, a fence can also be the source of a potential dispute with your neighbors. With that in mind, making sure that your fence does not violate property laws or local restrictions can help prevent potential […]

5 Thanksgiving Foods and Gifts You Can’t Travel With

Thanksgiving travel means air travel for many Americans, and air travel means abiding by the somewhat opaque rules set up by the TSA. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) still requires that many items must either be shipped or placed in checked baggage in order to make it to your final holiday destination. This leaves many Turkey Day travelers wondering: Can […]

Can You Sue If a Box Falls on You at a Store?

Can You Sue If a Box Falls on You at a Store? Shopping at a big box store can be exciting and cheap, but it’s all fun and games until a box falls on you. Anyone who’s visited a warehouse store like Costco or Sam’s Club can attest that merchandise is packed almost from floor to ceiling, with incredibly heavy items like patio […]

‘Tis the Season for Online Shopping Scams: 5 Tips for Consumers

As the holiday shopping season kicks into full swing, consumers should be aware of the growing number of online shopping scams being reported. When it comes to shopping scams, the number one rule is: If the price sounds too good to be true, many times it is. But for consumers looking for insane Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, sometimes […]

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