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Vlog: June 7th

Today we are launching the very first episode of our video blog! Tom Winslow of Goldfinch Winslow, LLC will be discussing what you should be looking for in your attorney. 

SC Ports Graduates 25 Port Ambassadors

CHARLESTON, SC – JUNE 19, 2019 – South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) recognizes 25 delegates for completing the 2018-2019 Port Ambassador Program, which provides participants a deep understanding of the connection between the Port of Charleston and South Carolina’s thriving business community. The 10-month Port Ambassador Program immerses participants in port operations through educational sessions and tours of oceanside terminals, […]

Truck Driver, Entrepreneur, Billionaire

In 2012, I earned my LLM in Maritime Law and during that time I learned of a man who revolutionized the Maritime Industry and International trade – Malcolm McLean.  An American truck driver who became a businessman when he saw the need.  He developed the modern intermodal shipping container and also developed a way for the containers to be stacked on top of one […]

Baseball – America’s Most Dangerous Pastime?

Just two years ago, after a child was struck by a foul ball behind the third base dugout at Yankee Stadium, Major League Baseball mandated protective netting that stretched between the far ends of each dugout in all 30 big league parks. But in the wake of another frightening — and eerily similar — incident Wednesday night in Houston, where […]

What is Justice?

As I sit here, with my unshaven face, drooping eyes, and pale complexion in the throws of Trial Preparation I can not help but think what is Justice?   The team has been preparing all week to go to a likely five day civil rights trial in Columbia, SC.  We will leave behind our families, our work, and put our […]

BMW – Go Get One

As a Port Ambassador for the State of South Carolina, I was invited to go to Greer, SC with the other Port Ambassador’s to visit our state’s Inland Port and the BMW manufacturing plant.  Yes, South Carolina has a port in Greer, SC – they also have one in Dillion, SC. These ports are ingenious creations to connect parts of the state […]

Expert Sued for $35 Million After Offering Biased Opinion

In the legal world many times we must obtain “Expert Witnesses” to testify to matters that are not that of common knowledge.  In fields of medicine, forensics, astrophysics, even computer technology may require an expert to explain and testify to a jury how the law and the standards of care apply to them.  One of the silliest experts I ever heard […]


Easter means lots of different things to different people. Less than 20% of Americans identify Easter as a religious holiday today; which I find pretty sad. Most people identify Easter as a family holiday; which I find to be a good thing. Gathering with family around a dinner table after Easter church just sounds right. It sounds like home; it […]

2019 Scholarship Winners

Every year, Goldfinch Winslow invites local high school students to send us an essay in order to receive a scholarship. This year, Lawton Branham and Mallory Bindner have been chosen as our 2019 scholarship winners! Continue reading to learn a little bit about them and to view the essays that they submitted. Lawton Branham Lawton is a senior at St. […]

Smollett Case Reveals the Dangers of a “Cause Lead Legal System”

The Legal System in the United States is designed to place the burden on those prosecuting a crime, not those defending a crime.  Why?  Very simple – YOU ARE INNOCENT, UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.   You are not presumed guilty or at fault unless (not until) the evidence is so high there is no other choice, but to place guilt on […]

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