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Law In Courts

Recently, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided 2-1 on Sept. 29 that a Christian minister-turned-judge can continue opening his court with a prayer from a revolving group of chaplains. Wayne Mack, a Texas Justice of the Peace, made a campaign promise to incorporate prayer in his court based on his view that God wants the program in place “for His […]

The Rise of Intersectionality

Recently chemistry professor Dr. Maitland Jones Jr. was fired after 82 of his students signed a petition noting that his organic chemistry class was “too hard.” The students accused Jones of purposely making the class difficult, citing that their low scores negatively impacted their “well-being,” and their chances of getting into medical school. Instead of evaluating the rigor and substance of […]

What If The Government Thinks I’m Dead?

In a classic conundrum that could only be created by our government, an Indiana man is fighting for his life despite being relatively healthy other than a few kidney problems. Since 2017, however, he has been fighting with the Internal Revenue Service to prove he is alive.   That is right, along with the government now deciding whether you are a man […]

6 Things We Learned From Prohibition

Just over 100 years ago (October 28, 1919), the National Prohibition Act became law, better known as the Volstead Act, outlawed the manufacture, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States. Prohibition failed to end alcohol consumption and was repealed on December 5, 1933. In a book on prohibitions, John Meadowcroft of King’s College in London offers several “generic lessons and […]

Real Life Case Law

“I went to Law School in New Orleans, LA in order to earn my JD and also an International Law certificate.  This afforded me the ability to learn both civil and common law- which are the two primary systems of law used around the World.  In common law, past legal precedents or judicial rulings are used to decide cases at hand. Under […]

How Do You Perceive Our Constitution?

The way you view your life is simply a matter of perspective.  Every single person starts the same way.  It is true. No person can understand how great or terrible their life is at birth, their worth is at birth, or what their future is at birth.  The truth is that those items are determined not by wealth, looks, or want.  […]

The Stanford Experiment

What would you do if you were given the power to literally control another person’s every move?   What if the power to control your own life was taken away?   Very few people live through the thought process of what many others have to everyday.  What if you lived in Iran, North Korea, Russia, or simply prison. In an experiment conducted in […]

What To Do After A Hurricane

Some homes will sustain damage in a hurricane, no matter what you do to avoid it. If your home is damaged in a hurricane, be sure you take the steps below to secure your property and to ensure your insurance claim is handled right away. COVER DAMAGED PROPERTY If your property has wind or rain damage, cover as much as […]

Good Jurors Nullify Bad Laws

Many juries serve with their hands tied and eyes closed, a fact that serves no one but overzealous prosecutors and politicians.  It is important for each citizen to serve on a jury, but not as a pawn of the law, but as an independent thinker willing to stand up to the pressures of their peers. Jury nullification is the constitutionally […]

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