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Mask Policy Enforcement

Horry County Council voted this past Tuesday to not extend the face mask ordinance that requires people to wear masks in certain places within the county jurisdiction.  The mandate now ends at the end of October.

In response many other municipalities had criticism of the action.  “The county’s decision will not influence our decision regarding masks,” Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune said. “Unfortunately, I think that the county’s decision will confuse people, especially since the governor’s mask order for restaurants is still in place.”

The medical community stated: “Clearly this pandemic isn’t over yet – the numbers are there. The pandemic is far from over,” said Dr. Gerald Harmon, of Tidelands Health.

It also prompted discussions like this one from


They made the right decision. You can continue to wear your mask.


And we will continue calling you on your lack of one.


Home rule”  is a concept that indicates the transfer of authority over municipal matters from state laws to a local charter that’s drafted, adopted, and amended by voters in the municipality. Under home rule, a county or municipality can do anything that’s not specifically denied by the state constitution, the General Assembly, or the charter itself.

Another concept is that of sovereignty.  Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme legitimate authority over some jurisdiction.

Why is it that all people, no matter race, sex, political affiliation have such a hard time with tolerance.  There is an ongoing request for civility, but being civil does not indicate acceptance of one’s differences.  The United States of America is a Representative form of a Republic.   It is not a Democracy or a Dictatorship.  This means that different people in different localities will elect representatives that they believe best resemble them.  Surprise – those representatives will all look, act, and think different.  Many call this diversity.  Therefore, the leadership within the government of the United States, your state, and your local government are some of the most diverse in the World.

Therefore, why is it that we always have to be critical when someone acts different, thinks different, and votes different?

This Country is designed to be a “melting pot” and yet we refuse to accept that one group of people and representatives, many view the same situation/facts different than another.  Many wonder why so many lawyers are elected officials – I tell you that this is why.  An attorney, must remove the emotion from a set of facts, to analyze that set of facts, from every direction.  Then, they must be able to advocate for those they represent.  They must face scrutiny everyday for their advocacy, meanwhile accepting the full legal responsibility of their client on their shoulders.

Thus if you need someone to be in your corner and to advocate for you, from your own unique perspective, or because others won’t tolerate your diversity from them, please call Goldfinch Winslow Law Firm.

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