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Improve Education In South Carolina

Lets Work To Reform The System

Improve Education In South Carolina

We must direct more of our current education spending into classrooms. We must improve the educational outcomes and job prospects for our children by reducing administrative bureaucracy in the school systems and ensuring that more of the money spent on education is actually spent in the classrooms on teaching. Right now less than 50 cents of every taxpayer dollar spent on education in South Carolina is actually spent on classroom instruction. That’s just not acceptable!

While there are many good public schools in Georgetown and Charleston counties and in the state, overall South Carolina students rank in the bottom 25 percent in most measures of academic performance, despite taxpayers spending a record $12,670 per student in the current fiscal year. In fact, the average private school tuition in South Carolina is about half of what taxpayers are spending per pupil on public education, with markedly better results.

A recent Harvard study showed that private school pupils scored higher than public school pupils on 9 out of 10 subjects.

The state’s per-pupil expenditures are ranked 23rd highest among the 50 states. While S.C. is ranked among the top half of states for public school spending, it remains in the bottom half (37th) for per-capita income levels of residents.

Total education spending increased from $3.4 billion in 1995 to $8.7 billion in 2010. In the same time period student enrollment increased just 6.3%.

We have 85 school districts for the state’s 46 counties. Each has its own superintendent, administrative staff, operational costs, and school board. This leads to wasteful and duplicative spending. I support legislation to consolidate districts so that there is only one operating in each county. This will result in a substantial cost saving.

The state Department of Education has more than 475 administrative employees in its twelve-story building in Columbia. None of them actually teach students. Almost three-quarters of these administrators make more than $50,000 annually – far more than the average teacher. I support cuts in bureaucracy at the Dept. of Education and directing the resulting cost savings to classrooms where the funds are actually needed.

I also support the growth of the charter school program. Charter schools create competition, something from which the private sector has always benefited. With competition comes lower costs and improvement in the product. That’s exactly what education needs! I believe that the implementation of additional charter schools is a great start in improving our education system.

Finally, I support the school choice bill, H. 4894, that’s being considered in the legislature. When discussing charter schools, I mentioned how competition in education is a good thing. School choice creates the same competitive environment and will cause academic performance to improve.

Why should our children be required to stay in a school that is underperforming, simply because of where they happen to live? I believe all students should benefit from a quality education without regard to which side of a school attendance zone line they live on. We’re essentially telling some parents that their children are forever destined to attend underperforming inner-city schools. Study after study has shown that future earning capacity is directly linked to the quality of education. Why should parents or their children be destined for poor earnings and thus a cycle of poverty?

School choice programs have been shown to increase academic performance, parental involvement, and overall financial resources for education. Let’s take a courageous step toward improving education, ending poverty and discrimination and creating high paying jobs, right here in South Carolina. Please help me in supporting education reform.

January 8, 2014


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