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Do you want I-73 to come to Myrtle Beach?  Myrtle Beach is the only major area in SC without interstate access.  It really hinders evacuation and the ability to bring in industry to diversify the economy of the North Eastern portion of South Carolina.  However, even without the interstate the population of Horry County is exploding, imagine the amount of people and infrastructure needed if there was a pipeline from the Midwest right into the heart of Myrtle Beach.

Just like with everything in life a decision has both positive and negative reactions and we just have to adapt to them.  Either way, the path to the interstate just became more direct.

A judge handed Myrtle Beach and Horry County a “colossal win” in its efforts to get I-73 to the Grand Strand.  U.S. District Court Judge Bruce Hendricks dismissed a lawsuit brought on by the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League.

The organization had filed a lawsuit claiming that the project would cost up to $3.8 billion dollars to bring the interstate to Myrtle Beach. It also alleged that the project would “unnecessarily destroy hundreds of acres of freshwater wetlands, despite the existence of viable, cheaper and environmentally-preferable alternatives to the new roadway.”

The business community was excited. “Today’s order is a colossal win for Myrtle Beach, Horry County and the entire state of South Carolina.  I-73 is a public safety and economic development necessity for South Carolina,” said Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce CEO Karen Riordan.

How do you feel about I-73, its impact, or the environmental challenges?

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