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Happy New Years – WE ARE HIRING

Soon we will turn the calendar on the Year 2019.  For most of us we will just open our calendar on our email to a new year, but for some it will create a year of new risks and new opportunities.

In South Carolina, House members have introduced nearly 100 new bills they hope to make into laws next year.  The proposals range from creating a hate crime law in South Carolina, to increasing the fine for vandalizing political signs, to preventing anyone under 18 from undergoing gender reassignment treatments, to adding 10 years to the prison sentence for each bullet fired during a fatal shooting.   I am sure more will follow, as law makers can’t help making more law.  Thank goodness, because it helps  keep Goldfinch Winslow Law Firm in business.

Talking about Goldfinch Winslow Law Firm.   WE ARE BLESSED.  For the 6th consecutive year we have increased our case intake – we are up to 1400 cases gracing our doors from January 1 until this blog post.  We have added great clients, venders, employees – what a great year and glory be to God for those blessings.

We have had some employees and even attorneys leave our firm to open their own places and it is just such a blessing to see people chase their dreams, much like Stephen and I did when we opened Goldfinch Winslow.  Thankfully we have also added great attorneys and staff, but WE ARE LOOKING TO HIRE MORE GREAT PEOPLE.

If you know of any attorneys, paralegals, admin – pretty much anyone that wants to work in a law firm please let me know.   We would love to see their resume and talk with them.

Have a great New Year and let us know if we can ever be of service to you or your business in 2020.

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