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Global Recall of Defective Airbags Made by Takata Corp. – Are You Safe?

Airbags are installed in vehicles to help drivers and passengers survive collisions. Unfortunately, defective Takata airbags are not working as intended – when deployed during an accident, metal components internal to the Takata airbag have flown out of the airbag and injured occupants. As a result of these dangerous airbags, more than 11 million vehicles in the United States have been recalled. Reports of at least four deaths and more than a dozen injuries have been linked to the airbag defect.

In addition to the personal injury claims caused by the Takata airbags, the recall has also caused economic losses to owners of the affected vehicles – the diminution in value of the automobile. Goldfinch Winslow is working on these injuries and investigating a possible class action on account of these financial losses.

If you know anyone who has one of these vehicles or receive any calls from a client who does, please contact our team so that we can determine if we can help you.

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