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“Free Wills Friday”: Goldfinch Winslow, LLC Offer Free Wills on Fridays to Men & Women in Uniform

Since 2014, Goldfinch Winslow, LLC has been offering free Wills to local Law Enforcement, Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s Departments, Fire Fighters, Military Personnel, and other First Responders in appreciation and respect to these local agencies, and as a way to show thanks and support.

“Our local police, firemen, EMS and members of the military work very hard and are often under a lot of stress. We wanted to do something nice for them and found this would be a great opportunity to do just that.”

As many as two-thirds of adult Americans do not have a proper Will prepared. Leaving the government to decide how to divide your estate is not the best idea for your loved ones. If you want to have the final decision about how your estate is distributed after you pass on, a Last Will and Testament is a vital document.

Keeping your Will updated is also important. If you already have one, bring it in for a thorough review. Laws are often revised and lives change, so ensuring that this document is kept updated is critical.

You should review your Will after any of the following life events:

  • Your executor or a significant beneficiary passes away
  • You become married or divorced (a change in marital status could void parts of your will)
  • You are unmarried, but have a new partner
  • The amount or value of your property, business, or overall finances changes significantly
  • You moved here from another jurisdiction (some states do not recognize out-of-state Wills in full)
  • There is a birth or adoption of a child in your family
  • You change your mind about any of the provisions in your Will

If you are a Police Officer, EMS Worker, Fire Fighter, or active member in the Military living in Horry County or Georgetown County, please Contact Us to schedule your Free Will Friday consultation – or simply stop in on a Friday wearing your uniform and ask to speak to one of our staff for assistance with your Will preparation.

We at Goldfinch Winslow Attorneys and Counselors at Law thank you. We sincerely appreciate your service, protection, and support.

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