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Firework Laws

Laws are getting created everyday, but common sense needs to be associated with those laws.  I hope your July 4th went off with a bang – or did it?   That really depends on your state:

Massachusetts is the only state where fireworks are completely banned aside from professional displays, according to a May report from Reader’s Digest. Illinois, Ohio and Vermont have the next-strictest laws in 2021, the report said.

Indiana — which lies between Illinois and Ohio — has among the most lenient fireworks laws.  Kris Zambo, owner of Dynamite Fireworks in Hammond, Indiana, told Patch in 2018 that a law passed in the mid-2000s essentially made fireworks “wide open” in the Hoosier State. His store’s proximity to the Illinois border allowed the family to turn a side business selling fireworks into a permanent store, drawing droves of cars from Illinois.

“About 80 percent of our customers come from Illinois,” Zambo told Patch.

American politics and American capitalism colliding in Indiana.  Two states make it hard to buy fireworks, so a neighboring state opens the flood gates and makes normal, everyday businesses “go off like a rocket.”

What is the rationale behind outlawing fireworks, soda, drugs, etc. in your state if all it is going to do is drive the business out to a competitor?  The impact is still felt, because the consumption still occurs in your state.  Ask the FBI during the prohibition years what good those laws do.  The regulation on individual liberty is exactly what our forefathers fought against.  Lets just hope that does not go up in “a puff of smoke.”

Fireworks celebrations in America date back to 1777, when the first 4th of July celebration occurred. Oddly enough, there were no red, white and blue fireworks to mark the one-year anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Fireworks came in only one color — orange — according to the Smithsonian Institution.  If you need someone to help get you “out of the fire” or “shot off a business with a bang”, please call Goldfinch Winslow.

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