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MARCH 13-14, 2021

Just the other week another resident of Horry County who serves with law enforcement was killed in a motorcycle collision.  That makes six first responders who have unexpectedly passed away within the last year in Horry/Georgetown County.  Our prayers of course go out to the family and those that serve with those that were lost.  Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.”  If death is certain, then these events highlight for all the need to have your estate planned and this Wills Clinic is the least we can do for those that serve us.

The attorneys and legal professional of the Judge Advocate General (“JAG”) Detachment are pleased to offer a free Wills Clinic for First Responders in Horry and Georgetown Counties in March of 2021.  The South Carolina State Guard (“State Guard”) is an all-volunteer military organization that is part of South Carolina’s Military Department.  The State Guard assists state and local government as well as the South Carolina National Guard with their response to natural and man-made disasters as well as search & rescue (“SAR”) missions.  Although the primary function of the JAG Detachment is to provide legal support to the State Guard, the Detachment also offers an annual pro bonoLegal Clinic to the State’s first responders, military members or veterans.  This year’s Legal Clinic will offer free wills and SC Health Care Powers of Attorney to first responders in Georgetown and Horry counties.  Prior Clinics have been very well received; therefore we hope the same will be true in Horry and Georgetown County.  The law firm of Goldfinch & Winslow, LLC is hosting the 2021 Wills Clinic at its office located at 11019 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island, SC.  

If anyone is interested in helping the veterans, the first responders, or those drafting the documents please let us know.  We would love to have you show your support, provide information about your businesses, make donations to these fine folks, or any other way to support those that serve us daily.

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