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Embracing The “New” in 2014

A new child born, a new law firm formed, a new degree earned, a new home purchased, a new session in Columbia begun, a new chapter in life.

This is how 2014 started for the founding Attorneys of Goldfinch Winslow — a newly created local law firm. Continuing the tradition of excellent legal service that was formerly provided to the community by the Boyd Goldfinch team; our new firm has added two attorneys, two additional paralegals, and other superb support staff. Centrally located in the Murrells Inlet area, we proudly continue to serve the people of South Carolina with all of their legal needs.

Our attorneys are focused to help you in your personal injury, criminal defense, family law, probate court, legal compensation, estate planning, and business legal requirements. We would love to be your family’s law firm.

With Goldfinch Winslow, you can depend on your attorney to be there for you through many milestones and life-changing events. Our team of lawyers is made of professionals who have the experience and knowledge of being solicitors, judicial clerks, litigators, and Maritime Law specialists.

We ourselves are not immune to having our own obstacles and it has provided us with a deeper perspective into what others may be going through. With our compassion, understanding, and determination to succeed — we will work with you every step of the way.

January 14, 2014

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