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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a real problem in South Carolina.  In fact, SC has been leading the nation in victimization rates for more than 10 years.

The issue is not going unnoticed and much is being done to reduce the rates.  For someone charged with a Domestic Violence offense, this is not good because prosecutors are inclined to proceed with the offense regardless of the severity or wishes of the victim.

Let’s start with some stats from the 2014 “Rule of Thumb” study. “The Rule of Thumb: A Five Year Overview of Domestic Violence” takes a hard look at the problem in South Carolina.

Domestic violence victims make up…

  • 26.1 percent of all homicides,
  • 52.7 percent of total simple assault, and
  • 42.6 percent of all violent victimization incidents.

In addition, the victimization rate among females is 149.9 percent greater than among males.

South Carolina lawmakers have been working to reform the legal system to help cut down domestic violence rates. In 2015, the state legislature made major changes to the DV laws in the state. The state’s first “criminal domestic violence” law was introduced in 1984.  Much has changed in the nearly 40 years since it was first written.

If you or someone you know is a victim of Domestic Violence please reach out for help.   You are not alone.

Call 800-799-7233 and if you live in the Georgetown/Horry areas you can contact the Family Justice Center at 844-208-0161.

Get help and if you are the victim of any crime we would be happy to speak with you about what you might be facing as you go through the legal system from that side of the table.   So many times the criminal law focus is on the accused and the victim is forgotten.  That victim is the reason we demand Justice – because that could be us, our family, and yes it can also be your neighbors.  If you have been accused of a crime and you also need assistance please call us as well, because being falsely accused, overcharged, or having your rights infringed also deprives you of the justice you deserve under our legal system.

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