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Class Action Lawsuits

Winslow Law, LLC supports the individual citizen as well as businesses and corporations. Often there are cases in which good people become harmed by someone or something through no fault of their own. When a large brand, manufacturer, company, or product causes injury or distress to others, a mass tort case may be created.

Mass tort litigation is made of civil actions that involve multiple plaintiffs against one or more corporate defendants in federal or state court. There are three top categories of class action lawsuits which are: mass disaster torts, mass toxic torts, and product liability torts.

Federal courts in the United States often hear mass tort claims consolidated as multi-district litigation. Many cases of mass tort are addressed through class action lawsuits.

While every drug and product liability case is unique – and any compensation available to the injured is determined by the circumstances of the claim – Winslow Law, LLC can help victims pursue compensation for pain and suffering, funeral expenses (in the case of a wrongful death case), medical bills, lost wages, and decreased earning ability.

While we cannot promise specific monetary compensation, we will discuss all of the possibilities you may have during the initial consultation. Winslow Law, LLC will develop a strategy for each case and advise clients regarding the costs and benefits of various approaches.

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