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Have you ever had one of those weeks that takes you through the emotions faster than a roller coaster?  One moment you are at the top and the next you are falling faster than a comet screaming to Earth.  There is no warning over the weekend of what the week has in store, but when the week arrives it smacks you […]

What Is A QDRO and Why You Should Care

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or QDRO for short, is a court order that gives one spouse (the “alternate payee”) the right to receive a portion of the other spouse’s (the “participant”) retirement plan. These plans are usually used for pensions, IRAs, or 401ks. Most frequently a QDRO is needed after a divorce when a spouse receives a portion of […]

Be A Go-Giver

Every Tuesday morning at 7:30am, members of Goldfinch Winslow attend a great meeting at JB’s Jerk Shack in Surfside Beach, SC.  The meeting is open to everyone and it is part networking and part bookclub, as we go through the Go-Giver series of books.   There is no membership fee, the book is free, and they even have breakfast.   If you know me, […]

We Are Here: Columbia, South Carolina

Over the past year, a lot has changed. Yet, in some ways in the legal world, nothing has changed. While we may be spending more time at home or avoiding large public places legal issues still arise. For example, I was just speaking with a realtor the other day about clients needing Power of Attorneys to help with the home […]

Staying Connected & Living Well

Goldfinch Winslow is happy to join Arbor Landing in their seminar to teach the keys of aging well!  Each of the professional panelists will have a short presentation with a time for socializing after.  Come join us!  Light refreshments provided. Date: March 18, 2021 Location: Arbor Landing at Surfside, SC, 3105 Dick Pond Road MB, 29588 RSVP to Rachel- 843-492-7387 by March 16, 2021 Start […]

Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Recently, the World rejoiced at the word of a development of a Covid-19 Vaccine in less than 10 months.  Ordinarily, it takes scientists about 10 years to develop a vaccine. By contrast, the pharmaceutical industry has worked toward emergency approval of Covid-19 vaccines in a matter of months. With 44,000 participants enrolled in clinical trials for the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine and […]

Adapt & Survive…Or Not

During the “Great Pandemic” of 2020 many people had to adapt their lifestyle to fit the requirements impossed upon them.  This same requirement was placed upon small business.  The COVID-19-related closure of tasting rooms at distilleries and bars, loss of tourism, and inability to offer in-store sampling slashed their sales revenue and cut them off from their customers. Then this week, just as […]

Facebook Hit With Antitrust Lawsuits

The Federal Trade Commission and 46 states sued Facebook Inc. on Wednesday, accusing the social-media giant of buying and freezing out small startups to choke competition. The federal case seeks to unwind social-media giant’s Instagram, WhatsApp acquisitions; other claims target company’s tactics against competitors The FTC’s sweeping antitrust case seeks to force Facebook to unwind its acquisitions of WhatsApp and […]

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