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Buridan’s Ass

Imagine a happy, bubbly donkey strolling down an open, rich field.  After a few minutes of walking, the donkey finds itself standing in-between two identical, delicious bundles of hay—one on the left, the other on the right. Unfortunately, the poor donkey can’t figure out a good reason to choose one bundle of hay over the other. Or, which one to choose first, if it decides to eat both. The miserable donkey swivels its head left and right, deliberating between the two hay choices, and increasingly growing in hunger. After a long while, the poor donkey—paralyzed by the choices available—eventually dies from starvation.

This short thought experiment, formally known as Buridan’s ass, originated from the early 14th-century, nominalist French Philosopher, Jean Buridan.

Too many times in legal situations we become paralyzed in fear of acting in the wrong direction.  We think that we should just ignore the problem or pretend that those papers we received will just disappear.  Do not think that clients are alone; too many attorneys put aside the hard job and delay the inevitable work that the legal system demands out of fear of doing the wrong thing.  The best action is taking one step, in one direction; while the worst thing to do is stand still and wallow in the problem.

Winslow Law will help you take that action.  We will help you attack the solution that most benefits your situation.  Allow us to help you solve that lingering issue and attacking the solution – Do not get paralyzed by fear.  Call us at Winslow Law 843-357-9301.

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