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Book Ban Could Jail Librarians For Loaning ‘Inappropriate’ Content

As Americans we are blessed with many basic RIGHTS bestowed upon us by God.  These rights are deemed to be protected by our government, not created by our government.  When law makers forget that perspective, they over reach and try to restrict each individual according to their own human blindness.  No Lawyer or Law Firm believes everything the same way, but the law itself is a pair of bifocals – It allows you to have multiple perspectives clearly.

Currently, librarians and free speech advocates are fighting back against a proposal in the Missouri House of Representatives that would ban certain books from the state’s libraries with the threat of a misdemeanor charge.  Missouri House Rep. Ben Baker introduced the bill, dubbed the “Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act,” in January that calls for the creation of a panel made up of non-library workers who will determine the removal of “age-inappropriate sexual material,” from their local branch.  Libraries that don’t comply will lose their funding. Library employees providing material deemed inappropriate would be hit with a misdemeanor charge and liable for a $500 fine or a maximum jail sentence of a year, according to the bill’s current language.

Cynthia Dudenhoffer, the president of the Missouri Library Association, said she was shocked when she first heard about the bill and said it was unnecessary. Each of the state’s library systems, which account for a total of 365 branches, already have their own protocols in place to determine which materials are allowed for their younger members.

“Librarians take that stuff very seriously,” she said to ABC News. “It’s not like we buy things willy-nilly.”

“I wanted to send a strong message that we need to protect our kids and we need to do something about this, but that’s all negotiable,” Baker told the paper.

“I wanted to send a strong message that we need to protect our kids…”

…by censoring books.
… by controlling their education.
… by keeping them ignorant of culture and events.
… by usurping the role of the parent and the dynamic of the family.

Now I know why this lawmaker wanted to censor these books, but the reason does not matter.   No matter your race, sex, party, or beliefs this United States of America is created on the premise of Freedom and Equality.  The basis of the Law is to protect those rights and the role of Lawyers is to be the front line of those protections.

While Goldfinch Winslow may not agree with you, we will respect your right to have that belief.  Goldfinch Winslow will protect your right to have that belief.  Goldfinch Winslow will litigate your right to that belief.

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