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Bald Is Beautiful

In an article I take special interest, it now appears that calling a man a “bald c***” is sexual harassment, an ­employment ­tribunal has ruled in England.  Tony Finn, 64, claimed he had been a victim of sexual harassment when his manufacturing firm colleague said he was a “bald c***”.

The panel sitting at Sheffield agreed and compared it to when someone mentions a woman’s breasts.  The ruling – made by a panel of three men who pointed out their own lack of hair – comes in a case between a veteran electrician and his employers.

The tribunal heard Mr Finn wrote out a statement with his police officer son on official police paper.  The tribunal said of the “bald c***” comment: “It was a violation of the claimant’s dignity, it created an ­intimidating environment for him, and it related to the claimant’s sex.”  Mr. Finn is in line for compensation after winning claims of unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal and being subjected to sex harassment.


In a World of super sensitivity and over reactive acceptance of claims of harm, every statement has the potential to be perceived as harmful.   In the law too many people are unwilling to just brush statements or actions off.  Over aggressive attorneys who encourage over reactive behavior, instead of counseling their clients and community are indicative of a pursuit for profit over justice.  Just a few things learned from the above story:

1. Watch what you say.  Everyone has a different understanding of the exact same words and actions.
2. Overreacting to small situations creates doubt when big situations actually do occur.
3. Life is perspective – view it from the other side before you say it, do it, and react to it.  Remember the decision maker (Judge and Jury) has the ultimate perspective – NOT YOU.

If you need assistance viewing a different perspective, then find an attorney you trust verses one that you simply see their billboard as you drive by.  Good advice comes from caring enough about your client to actually listen to them.  Give Winslow Law a call if you should need any assistance 843-357-9301.

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